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Forge Virtual Experiences
Embark on a transformative digital voyage where your online aspirations come alive, ushering in a new era of captivating connections.
Launching Technological Excellence
Blast off into a realm of cutting-edge software development. Our team specializes in crafting dynamic web, mobile, and desktop applications that elevate your business to new frontiers of digital innovation. Focus on success as we work our magic.
Engineering Seamless Integrations
Our meticulous approach to microcontroller design and IT solutions mirrors the precision of interlocking gears. We ensure every component of your technological ecosystem operates harmoniously for optimal performance, building systems that work in unison and power your operations with precision and reliability.
Secure, Reliable, Unbreakable
Security isn't just a feature; it's the foundation of our services. From comprehensive security audits to robust protections, we safeguard your digital assets, ensuring peace of mind in an ever-evolving cyber landscape. Trust us to lock down your systems, guarding them against threats and vulnerabilities.
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Navigating Digital Landscapes
Chart a course through the complexities of server and database management with us. We manage servers, databases, and cloud solutions worldwide, enabling your growth. Our proactive approach to identifying issues before they escalate guarantees that your project benefits from efficient and reliable administration.
Hitting Your Strategic Goals
In the quest for perfection, our strategic focus in the solutions we provide never falters. We align our expertise with your goals, ensuring that every project not only meets but also exceeds your expectations.
The Network Architects
In the digital age, connectivity is key. Our expertise in network design and global scalability bridges the gap between devices and servers, creating a seamless flow of information that powers businesses across the globe. From mobile devices to cloud servers, we ensure seamless communication and data flow, enhancing your global reach.
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Meet Our Team of Experts
Get acquainted with a portion of our skilled team members. These key players are instrumental in our success and support you.
Tomas Scheel - Senior Fullstack Developer & Founder
Tomas Scheel
Senior Fullstack Developer & Founder
Meet the driving force behind our team's success. From igniting a non-profit's fundraising to orchestrating critical missions and receiving accolades from multiple generals, this U.S Air Force veteran thrives under pressure. Not just about IT expertise, but a trailblazer who's reshaped systems worldwide. With savvy automation and game-changing management strategies, it's all about efficiency and making things happen.
William Silva - Client Services Lead
William Silva
Client Services Lead
With a strong background in client services and marketing, our dedicated professional consistently ensures client satisfaction and goes above and beyond expectations. Known for cultivating successful business relationships and delivering high-value solutions, he has also played a pivotal role in devising customized strategies to enhance our clients' experiences. His unwavering commitment to success drives his continuous growth in this field. Today, he applies his expertise at ScheelTech, contributing to outstanding outcomes for our clients.
Landon Parker - Software Developer
Landon Parker
Software Developer
With roots in Tulsa, our tech maestro is a U.S. Army National Guard veteran who's been refining his coding skills since he was 16. Their expertise spans IT and software, excelling in software/web development, adaptive solutions, and IT infrastructure. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a deep understanding of IT and software, they contribute significantly to ScheelTech's mission.
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Tech Chronicles
Dive into our reservoir of knowledge, where we share firsthand experiences and innovative solutions from our latest projects. Discover how we tackle unique digital dilemmas and transform challenges into opportunities for growth.
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Connect with Our Experts
Ready to start your digital journey or need expert advice? Use our simple form to contact us for quotes, information, or any queries. We're here to listen and provide the solutions you need.